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Living in Britain for one year to explore how much EUROPE SUCKS
This blog gives insights into the life in Britain and tries to make observations about culture. This blog lives from sarcasm and irony. When you do mind spelling mistakes you are wrong here. This is a fun place!

1950 the European Coal and Steel Community begins to unite European countries.Now 67 years later we try to get rid of the Coal Industry - and I mean is steel still important to any country in the EU?I just now that in Germany we had a whole transformation process going on regrading leaving the coal industry many years ago.1960 economic growthSo economic growth also slowed down among it not Germany which is like the only country who benefits most from the EU?By the way I am happy UK leaves the EU..they even have a different keyboard then we have in Germany so we are really totally different. How am I supposed to write with this keyboard a ue, oe, ae???I tell you guys EU SUCKS!
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So this Blog just recently has been updated by me. Actually I was using this blog like 7 years ago when I was still younger..To be honest I had no idea that the blog still exists and I am really happy that it does still exist because I just did some updates and now I am already ready to start of!So the design is even older than the last originally this blog was created in 2006 like 11 years ago when I was 14 years old.Now ten years later I would like to invite you on my journey to Britain.Britain is not far away from my home country nevertheless this place is totally different. Just recently the UK voted to leave the European Union.My blog will focus on the following year which will have - as I assume a strong influence on Europe in the future.So keep posted and excited to find out how Europe sucks!
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